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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Cornelius McLaughlin

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Prince William County McLaughlins #2


Do you think either of these belong to our McGlaughlins? I think I've exhausted the possibilities at my library. Also checked Fauquier Co., Fairfax and Alexandria.

Prince William County Order Book, 1761-1762
p.185 Prince William County Court 7th of July 1762.
Northey v Laughlin. Samuel Northey, Plaintiff v Daniel Laughlin, Defendant. In Debt. This day came the Plaintiff by Francis Dade, his Attorney, who entered himself Security for the costs of this suit and the Defendant in custody of the Sheriff comes and saith that he cannot deny the action of the Plaintiff nor also but that he owes to the Plaintiff the sum of seven pounds, fourteen shillings and five pence current money of Virginia. It is therefore considered that Plaintiff recover against Defendant the sum of seven pounds, fourteen shillings and five pence current money of Virginia with lawfull Interest thereon after the rate of five per centum per annum from the tenth day of May one thousand seven hundred and fifty three untill the same is fully paid and the cost.

Newsletter of the Prince William County Genealogical Society, Vol. 3, No. 8, February 1985. [unpublished]
Residents of Western Dettingen Parish, 1747. "[The following register was transcribed from a microfilm copy, on the same reel with the earliest surviving vital records of Prince William County...]"... " [The list reports all tithable inhabitants of the region between Bull Run and Cedar Run (the lower part of which is now considered part of the Occoquan River), in 1747. It is a rather full record, in geographic order, of the families living in what is now western Prince William County, lacking the names of children under age 17 and of adult white women, who were not charged with the tithable tax.]"
"James McGlolin [=McGloghlin?] Senr., James McGlolin, Dinah--3"


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Prince William County McLaughlins

Great news on the search for the 18th Century Eastern Virginia McLaughlins. Sheila from Virginia found these tidbits:

Prince William County Minutes Book
Page 291. Minute Book 1752-1753 (Oct. 22, 1753)
A power of Attorney from Hugh McLaughlin to Alexander Lothian was proved by oaths of William Andrews and Alexander King witnesses thereto and admitted to record.

Page 222. Order Book 1754-1755 (April 22, 1755)
William Lashbrooke exhibited on account against the estate of James McLaughlin deceased to which he made oath and the same being examined by the Court was allowed and admitted to record.

Click here for James and Mary McLaughlin, Prince William County, VA, Family Summary, and here for the "They Sure Liked the Name Hugh Didn't They?" Post.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Birthday!

Happy 84th Birthday to James Lee Gray McLaughlin!

Born on Christmas Eve of 1921 in Stony Bottom, West Virginia, to C. Cornelius M. McLaughlin and Laura Agnes Jane Higgins McLaughlin.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


I've read your comments on the (un)readability of the original document images and I've begun transcriptions. Please follow the link here for John McLaughlin's Deposition for Hugh McLaughlin, 1806, Bath County, Virginia.